A precious one-piece casket in the heart of the “Valley of the Gods”. The place where colors, aromas and flavors enter into gestation, to give life to the magic of wine.


A unique combination

Our vineyard is located in a foothill area at the bottom of the valley that originates on the bed of an ancient stream, consisting of a single body of about 15 hectares, all within a special protection wildlife area, surrounded by hills and mountains, which create a natural amphitheater that protects an optimal pedo-climatic environment in which the vine is the real protagonist.

Or real added value is the classic Guyot styled vineyard capable of producing red wines of extraordinary stature, a Terroir and an exclusive Cru within a large area of origin of considerable value.


15 hectares with a single body


Clayey and calcareous


Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Corvinone, Croatina e Ancellotta


Hand-picked and Natural Drying


Calcareous and clayey, it gives wines with an intense color, full-bodied and rich in complexity.


The high temperature range between day and night guarantees a perfect development of aromatic substances.


Prolonged sun exposure allows the grapes to reach ideal ripeness.


The light and constant ventilation (day and night) allow keeping the grapes healthy.

the territory

Valpantena: the Valley of the Gods

Valpantena, whose name in Greek means “Valley of all the gods“, has a very ancient winemaking tradition. In the 16th century, it was defined as gold for copious and excellent wine.

It is one of the Veronese valleys suited to the production of Valpolicella, Recioto, and Amarone, the leading wines of the Scaligera tradition.

Protected by the Lessini Mountains, its conformation resembles an amphitheater, as if to protect the territory it guards.

Its microclimate and its alluvial soil favor an excellent wine production, so much so that it has deserved – within the DOC Valpolicella – the status of “Cru”.

Where it all begins

Grape Harvest

Our harvest is done strictly by hand. We carefully select the bunches, which must be without bruises and with the berries not too close to each other, to allow the passage of air during the drying.

Then, we lay them all in the same direction and on a single layer inside the plateaux.

Finally, we transport the grapes directly to the drying room, thus handling them only once.

the best ingredient


The drying of the grapes capable of becoming Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG is a unique and particular method, which has always characterized the production of the wines of this area.

This delicate phase takes place in the loft, a room of 250 square meters with 9 large doors that we leave open day and night, to ensure constant ventilation.

In this way, we make sure that the temperature changes gradually and there is no stagnation of humidity.

During this process, which lasts from 90 to 120 days, we periodically check the grapes and verify that the drying proceeds perfectly.

the climax


After the drying phase, we process the grapes in our cellar with modern equipment.

Once fermentation is complete, we subject the wines to a period of aging in Slavonian oak barrels of different capacities, before refinement in the bottle.

"Although it is excellent to accompany rich and tasty dishes, the best way to enjoy Amarone is alone, at the end of a meal, perhaps in front of a crackling fireplace, alone or with the company of old friends."

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