Welcome to Valpantena
"Valley of the Gods"

"Valle degli Dei"



We were born here, among the rows of vines, caressed by the sun and the breeze that blows in Valpantena, the Valley of the Gods.

For generations the vineyards tell us timeless stories that – bottling them – become real.

Making wine is what we decided to do to repay the love that this territory gives us every day for decades.

we grow


The Gods of Valpantena have given us the best possible conditions to produce wine.

Inside our vines flows a divine sap and along with it our history and dreams that we then bottle.

From the harvest to the vinification, all our gestures are moved by the desire to honor the sacred fruits of our Garden.



Seeing your name on a bottle of wine give us emotions, but is also a great responsibility.

Our goal is to try to interpret in the best possible way all the nuances that our grapes offer us.

In here our experience and passion are translated into feelings to enjoy, smell, admire… live.

our bright star

Diavolo Rosso IGT

savage faithful instinctive rebellious loyal

Proud and charming, like a forest in autumn. A loyal rebel, gently instinctive. Loyal, fast, like a race in the wind. Vibrant and wild, lifelong companion. This is my Red Devil wine, dedicated to my Irish Setters.

Nunzio Giovanni Capurso

wine must be lived

Wine Experience

To really understand wine you have to experience it firsthand. Spend a few hours in our company, walk among the rows and immerse yourself in an unforgettable tasting of our best bottles.


Weddings and events

Each painting needs the most suitable frame to become a masterpiece. Imagine spending your special day in a bucolic landscape, surrounded by green hills, against the backdrop of a historic courtyard.

The experience continues

Corte Moranda

To fully enjoy the taste of wine and relaxation in the Valley of the Gods, you can stay in our historic house and wake up at the foot of the hills surrounding Verona, in the peace of olive trees.