Our company

In the heart of Valpantena, a few kilometers from the center of Verona, is the Agricola Moranda, owned by the Capurso family since 1896.

SINCE 1896

Five generations of winegrowers

It all began in 1896 in the “Valley of the Gods” – the Valpantena – which with its wide green arms envelops for over a century our vineyard of 15 hectares in a single-body.

Passion and experience have been handed down from generation to generation, from father to son, giving life to a product that smells of tradition and excellence.

What distinguishes our family from the origins is the constant search for a single goal: quality.


The company we live

Today, we are, Nunzio Giovanni (father), Camilla and Selene (daughters) the 4,- and 5,- generation to continue with great passion the family history.

In a natural amphitheater, we grow only indigenous red grapes to produce the typical wines of our territory: Valpolicella Doc, Valpolicella Doc Superiore and Amarone della Valpolicella Docg.

Our spearhead, though, is the Diavolo Rosso Igt. A wine with a rebellious but faithful soul, sweet but instinctive, just like our beloved Irish Setters.

We produce our wines by protecting the vineyard with the most modern agronomic techniques and protecting biodiversity: because it is nature that can help us to make our wine more and more sustainable.


“Everything in its place is a place for everything.”

We sisters have often heard this phrase, perhaps too much. But now, with good reason, we must admit that this maniacal order has given us a beautiful place to grow everything.


“Sustainable production is a duty.”

Quality is dictated by the relationship that is established with what is our first partner, the territory. Monitoring, defence and innovation: we are convinced that sustainable production is possible.

The female side

“A Lady Company”

The land, the air, the passion, all bodes well for a female company that Bianca, Camilla, Selene know how to live and appreciate deeply.
For the joy of the head of the family, the sixth generation begins with Giovanni and Gualtiero.


"The value of the experience that turns into emotions, that of the passion that disguises itself in taste."

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