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We use the most advanced integrated defense tools and adopt the latest environmental protection practices. For economic, social and environmental sustainability.


National Quality System for Integrated Production

A choice, a certificate obtained for agro-climatic environmental compliance according to the national and regional technical specifications of the national quality system of integrated production.



Insect hotel
& amp; beekeeping

Biodiversity is an important indicator of the health of the environment. This is why we protect it with passion and care.

We monitor our hives remotely every day, to ensure maximum well-being for their small and precious inhabitants: our beloved bees.


We protect wild species present in nature, increasing the flowering bands available to our bees every year, installing houses for pollinators and nests for both birds and bats, thus promoting a balanced ecosystem.


We are committed to preserving biological diversity, because an environment rich in biodiversity is a healthy environment.

"We try to be sustainable by linking economic growth with social and environmental responsibility."

Nunzio Giovanni Capurso

monitoring of harmful insects

In the vineyards we have installed a smart trap that attracts and captures insects thanks to a pheromone placed on a sticky cardboard.

The system takes a photo of the capture via a digital camera and then sends it to a dedicated app.

In this way, we are updated on the number of adults captured and thus prevent the damage of the moth, intervening with targeted treatments and evaluating the success of the sexual confusion technique.

microclimate monitoring

We installed ImetosĀ® 300, a shed that records real-time data on temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, wind speed, leaf wetness, availability of water and humidity and soil temperature.

The advantage is to optimize irrigation and use plant disease care products correctly.

Disposal of waste water

We manage this important process internally to ensure proper disposal of wastewater, for the benefit of people and the environment.

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